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Luke 1: 26-


The Gospel of Luke was written by a Medical Man. One who would put in careful thought, thorough investigation and an abundance of time in investigating the accounts of this period.



Okay so let’s put this scripture into perspective.


  • God sends his son to be born to a girl betrothed to a village carpenter

    • Least likely to be chosen of such favor.

  • Another example of God having to respect of persons or his calling by

    • Wealth

    • Honor

    • Office

  • He has looked upon the

    • Poor

    • Downtrodden

    • Empty

    • Hungry

      • They generally lean on him the most

  • He chose a woman with no family ties or power

  • She with Joseph didn’t have the impact or influence to find room in an Inn


v. 26

  • OH NO!! What did I do???

    • It’s like when your boss says “we need to talk”

The angel startles Mary emotionally

  • Disrupts her privacy

  • How do you feel when God is in your business?

    • We say we want him close, but he isn’t allowed to disrupt us.

  • We always maintain a sense of privacy

    • We set “boundaries”


v. 30

  • Whoa there Tonto,

    • Key point, Mary is the recipient of God’s blessing.

v. 31-33

  • It is declared

    • She will bear a son

    • His name will be Jesus

    • He will reign in the house of Jacob forever

    • The promise will be fulfilled

    • God’s Presence is with us



v. 34-38

  • 2 Things Here

    • 1) This is at the heart of Christianity

      • Christ was born of a Virgin

    • 2)  Some of you may be thinking what the difference between Mary asking how can this be and Zacharias earlier in the chapter. (Zacharias questioned Gabriel as to his wife Elizabeth was supposed to have John the Baptist, in turn he was made mute until the words were fulfilled)

      • Mary didn’t challenge Gabriel

        • There are two kinds of doubt

          • There is a doubt that exists as a defense against the possibility of answers

            • I have made my own mind up, nothing you say will influence my decision

          • Then there is a doubt that seeks answers

            • I am not sure about this, but if I discover the truth isn’t what I have known, I will accept it.


Mary Moves from “How can this be?” ààà “let it be.”


  • Then what does Mary do?

    • She runs to tell Elizabeth


v. 39-42

  • Elizabeth exclaims to Mary Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!

  •  She knows all of this stuff already about Mary, but how?? Mary didn’t have a cell phone or Facebook to get the message to Elizabeth.

    • The word that Elizabeth spoke was not her own word. The Holy spirit enabled her to see what she couldn’t see, to say what she couldn’t say and to understand what she wouldn’t have known.

    • There is no intellectual road to God.

    •  You be filled with the Holy Spirit and you understand. 

    • You cannot mathematically get to God.

    • It is God that gets to you… That is the story of Christmas, God coming to you!


v.44  God had chosen John the Baptist to be Christ’s Harold, John the Baptists role is to announce that Christ is here.

  • Before he is even born he is doing it!


READ THE TEXT! The Holy Spirit has filled Elizabeth

v. 46-56


Mary goes from Let it beà Rejoicing in God My Savior

On Sunday afternoon, June 1st 1975, Darrel Dorei was on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Suddenly it wobbled, tipped to one side, and crashed into the sea. Darrell was trapped inside a room on the rig. As the rig sank deeper and deeper into the sea the lights went out and the room began to fill with water. Thrashing about in the darkness, Darrel accidentally found a huge air bubble that was forming in the corner of the room and thrust his head inside of it. Then a horrifying thought sent a shiver down his spine. "I'm buried alive". Darrell began to pray - out loud – and as he did, something remarkable happened. He said later: "I found myself actually talking to someone – Jesus was there with me. There was no illumination, nothing physical, but I sensed him, a comforting presence. He was real; he was there." For the next 22 hours that presence continued to comfort Darrel. But the oxygen supply inside the bubble was giving out and Darrel knew that death was inevitable. It was just a matter of time. Then a remarkable thing happened. He saw a tiny star of light shimmering in the pitch-black water. He wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating or not. He wasn't – the light was real. It was coming from a diver's helmet. Someone had found him. His 22 hour nightmare was over. Rescue had come. He was saved.




The Might and Power God Displayed


God turns attitudes around.

v.51 he has performed mighty deeds with his arm, he has scattered those who are proud in their own thoughts. That is why proud men and proud women will not make an entry into the kingdom of God, because he scatters them. Just as a proud church will never further or amount to anything in the kingdom of God. He scatters the proud.


v.52 he has brought down rulers from their thrones.  Man think themselves secure because of their status.

Empires have risen, Roman, Babylonian, British, and now the American Empire


Then lifts up the humble.


My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior


She proclaims the need for a Savior

She saw her son on that Cross the baby she bore

And she also saw him as her savior on that cross.


v. 54 it was only a woman versed in the Old Testament that could sing this song

She knew the promise.


Mary is rejoicing and realizes how mindful God is of her humble estate

“I am nothing, with God I am everything”


She trusted that God would take Care of Her. She trusted this would/could happen. She rejoiced.


I am the Lord’s servant, and I am willing to accept whatever he wants.

· Mary let God disrupt her

· Mary Surrendered

· He life is God’s

Having a Mary Christmas is about giving our lives to God.
Look to Mary as the example.

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